This festive season, substitute honey for sugar in your mithais!

The festive season is upon us and plans on making delicious
sweets at home are afoot.

This year, use mabtheo organics honey, nature’s original sweetener and
add good health to the mithais you make lovingly for your family and friends, without
compromising on the taste and sweetness.

Add the goodness of mabtheo organics fresh raw, pure honey and your
laddoos, barfis, balushahis will be just in demand!

Honey is actually sweeter than sugar, therefore lesser of honey is required than sugar while using them in sweets and desserts.

Check out this list of guidelines for replacing white sugar with honey in different recipes.

Honey Nut Shrikhand

Ingredients• 1 kg low-fat yogurt,• 6 tbsp Honey (Preferably Jamun Honey),• 3 tbsp of your favourite nuts (pistachios and almonds),• few saffron strands and crushed cardamom seeds Method• Place 2 large square muslin cloths in a large bowl.• Pour yoghurt into the cloth, then gather the open edges of the cloth and tie them up to form a pouch. • Hang this cloth pouch from a hook or tap over the kitchen sink, so that the liquid of the yoghurt can be drained into a bowl.• After around 4hours, untie the pouch and scoop the yoghurt into another bowl.• Add...

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Honey Jalebi

Jalebi Ingredients• 1 cup all-purpose flour• 2 tbsps corn flour• ¼ tbsp turmeric powder• ½ cup curd• ½ cup water• ½ tbsp baking soda• 1 tbsp lemon juice• 1 pinch salt• Oil for fryingJalebi Syrup Ingredients• 1 cup raw honey• 1 cup water• Good quantity of saffron• ¼ cardamom powderMethod• Mix all-purpose flour, cornflour, turmeric powder, curd, lemon juice, salt, water for 5 minutes till the dough turns smooth and of a ribbony consistency• Mix baking soda and keep aside• Make the jalebi syrup separately by mixing raw honey, water, saffron and cardamom powder in a vessel and bring it...

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Honey Kaju Katli

Ingredients* 2 cups cashew* 1 cup honey* 4 tsps gheeMethod• Lightly roast the cashews. Let the cashews cool to room temperature.• Grind the cashews to a smooth powder. Pause continually during grinding to make sure that the cashews grind to a fine powder and not a paste.• Again, add the cashew to a pan and roast at low heat.• Add honey to the powdered cashews. Mix well to ensure that there are no lumps.• Continue stir the cashews so that it does not stick to the pan.• When the cashew paste thickens and starts folding at the sides (like halwa),...

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Honey-dipped Balushahi

Ingredients* 1 cup all-purpose flour* 2 tsp. yogurt* 1 tsp. sugar* 1/2 tsp. baking soda* 2 tsp. clarified butter / ghee* Ghee for deep frying* Honey for dippingMethod• Mix all the ingredients together (except ghee for frying and honey). • Prepare a smooth fluffy dough. • Divide them into equal parts and shape them to any desired shape • Heat the ghee to medium hot (not too smoky) and fry these balushahis to golden brown. • Take them out and keep them separate.• Dip them in honey until it coats all over it.• Serve chilled as a dessert.   Guideline...

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Besan Ladoo with Honey

Ingredients* 2 cups Besan or chickpea flour* ½ tsp ground cardamom* ¼ tsp ground nutmeg* ½ cup ghee* 1 tbsp powdered milk* ¼ cup honey Method• Melt ghee in a small saucepan on low heat.• Add Besan flour and mix well to ensure that there are no lumps• Roast for about 15 mins till the flour looks smooth, mixing regularly to prevent burning,• Mix in the cardamom and nutmeg.• Roast for another 3 minutes till the Besan colour looks more golden.• Remove from stove and mix powdered milk and honey.• As soon as the mixture cools down, roll the batter...

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