Handpicked from remote, wild and lush locations in the depths of India, mabtheo Honey comes in glass bottles in its 100% natural, raw, unprocessed, delicious form. Every bottle is an experience of the flora and the season of that location, creating unforgettable, delicious flavours and tastes. The flowers that the bees forage on, impart the flavours that you can taste in our honey.

mabtheo source ethically from beekeepers with cruelty-free bee keeping practices, who work for the wellbeing of their bee hives across India. We deliver the honey directly from the hives with minimal intervention, managing every step from production to packaging to keep the purity intact.

Each mabtheo bottle of honey in the market is backed by 3 years of research, testing and tasting. mabtheo collection starts with a range of 12 variants of honey, available in 500 gms, 300 gms and samplers of 50 gms (pack of six). Each variant has three different sets of honey, a) raw honey, b) infused honey c) creamed honey. Each of them is bottled at the state-of-the-art bottling units that are ISO certified (ISO 9001-2015).

MAB Consumer Care Pvt. Ltd. is ISO 22000:2018 certified

MAB Consumer Care Pvt. Ltd. is WHO-GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified